justjudy4@gmail.comJorgina is a hard worker and knows how to clean.  She has a good attitude and aims to please her customers.  I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a housekeeper. 

DT: Jorgina knows her stuff.  She attacks her work with gusto and uses the appropriate care. My dog loves her and follows her around and watches her as she works. It is a pleasure to have her in my  home, and everything looks and smells so good when she leaves.  If you need a housekeeper, choose Jorgina. She won't disappoint you. 

Emily:  Jorgina has cleaned for me often in the past. I was excited to hear that she is starting her own business. She is a happy person who often whistles as she works. She smiles a lot, and she is a hard worker and conscientious as well.  I rate her as a ten and recommend her to any in need of her service.