Kitchens are one of the hardest rooms to clean.  Often, there are dishes to be done, counters to wipe down, and display items or small appliances on the counter tops that need to be cleaned. I clean the microwave from top to bottom, and use special cleaners for stainless steel refrigerators and dishwashers, toasters and appliances. Floors are usually tile and need to be mopped, rinsed, and left to dry  

Next to kitchens, bathrooms are the challenge. Showers often get little white spots on them, which can usually be removed with Scrubby Bubbles or other soap scum remover. Toilets need to be cleaned the from top of the tank to the floor, and all around the base. Mirrors can be a challenge, but I work hard to make them shine. Floors can be tile or rug. I make sure to clean corners and upkeep the baseboards on a regular basis.


Bedrooms are easier. Mostly it is dust and vacuum, along with a few mirrors.  Display items are lifted and dusted and placed back in place.  At the client's request I can wash sheets and towels so that everything will be fresh and clean. Some clients prefer to do their own laundry and linens

Living Room and dining rooms are much like bedrooms. There are display items to wipe off, wood to polish or dust, and floors to vacuum or clean. I know how to take care of laminate, hardwood floors, and, of course, to vacuum. Again, baseboards are kept up with on a month-to-month basis, as well as ceiling fans and window blinds. 

Daycare centers have their own special needs. Play areas need to be cleaned and the toys need to be wiped down and left germ-free. There will be a lunch room, or snack tables that need to be disinfected, as well as any kitchen or food prep areas.  Here, again, I find bathrooms, some with many midget-sized toilets. Day Care centers have unique challenges. I always strive to please my clients. 

Office Spaces are important to keep clean. A business owner, doctor's office, or veterinarian's place needs to present a clean environment. Much of this is dusting, wiping down, and cleaning wood and glass. Then there are the floors which may need vacuuming or dusting and moping. And every office has it's bathrooms. A little easier than a home as there usually is no shower.



Often I am called to prepare a house for the new owner or tenant. People often think that this is easy as the house is empty, but there is more actual floor space without the furniture. The job is different, but I find that it takes as much time or more to prepare an empty house as it does to clean a house that is lived in. Here, I usually do the refrigerator, inside and outside of the cabinets, as well as all the counter tops and appliances. Closet shelves and bathroom cabinets need to be wiped down as well. At the end of my job the site is move-in ready .

When the boxes loaded and the owner's have moved out, what is left but more work to be done. The baseboards are dirty where furniture has been moved out, and because the owners have been busy with the move, the place may be a general mess.  This is where I come in.  Once again, it's baseboards, ceiling fans, kitchens and baths, and floors to be washed and vacuumed. The owner's continue their move knowing that the work they leave behind is in responsible hands.   


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