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Hi! My name is Jorgina.  I am a housekeeper and entrepreneur.  My mother, my grandmother, and my great grandmother were all professional housekeepers.  I learned how to clean at a young age.

I have energy, a good attitude, am detail oriented, and when it comes to keeping house, I always strive to please.

Wouldn't you like to come home to a clean house?  I can make that happen.

Would you like your showers to sparkle? Your baseboards dust free? The floors clean beneath your bare feet? Your kitchen as clean as a whistle?  I can make those things happen.

 Maybe your time and energy is taken up with a career or a growing family and you just don't have time to clean. Or, you have physical issues, aches and pains, which make cleaning difficult. Some, quite frankly, do not know how to clean. Not every man is a mechanic, and not ever woman is a housekeeper.

I am a housekeeper.  Hire me.

Residential          Day Care Centers          Office Space          Move In/Out 


General Housekeeping Service includes all surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as dusting and vacuuming all areas of the house. Regular service includes upkeep of baseboards, ceiling fans and blinds. 

Additional general housekeeping tasks include: 

  • cleaning of refrigerators (on request)
  • washing of sheets and bath towels, but (generally) not personal laundry
  • care and maintenance of hardwood, laminate and tile floors
  • some window cleaning of kid's and pet's smears
  • cleaning of light switches and marks on walls
  • whatever task the client is concerned with for the day

Day Care, and Office Cleaning Service includes all of the above as appropriate, and any specific cleaning needs that the business owners request. 

Move-In/Out: Generally includes cleaning of all cabinets inside and out,  baseboards, ceiling fans, bathroom and vacuuming, and any other housekeeping task per client's request.

Rates are competitive and vary from site to site. Contact me for a free estimate.